Solace Property

ACE Property Maintenance (as previously known), having lost one of its largest repeat customer due to budget restrictions, a direct results of the recession, needed to fill an income/revenue hole quickly! Den the Owner needed New Business fast!

Referred to me from a friend I took the time to understand Dens business, to understand what it was he was offering, who his customers were, where his existing business came from, what the current challenges were and what he was actually hoping to achieve and more importantly what made him and his business different.
Our first recommendation was for Dens business to establish a new identity or brand. What Den didn’t realise was how many other ACE companies were in his market space!

Note: Establishing your own brand and identity is important, as it makes you stand out from the crowd and conveys your ethics or approach to clients. With regards to ‘Trades People’ this also conveys that you are serious about your business, its image and more importantly your reputation.

It’s equally important when considering the name of your business don’t forget to check out if the domain name is available as this is the ‘online’ face of your brand. For some tips on what to consider, click here

The Name: Solace Property

The name had to convey the business. ACE’s business is Property Maintenance. ACE’s USP (Unique selling point) was in its great customer service, being available when needed, fixed pricing and the flexibility of service. A key factor was that his customers considered him a friend/part of the family (even the commercial ones).

The Noun Solace means “to comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness”

The Logo Design

Den wanted his logo and branding to convey that they were a safe pair of hands when it came to dealing with property maintenance whether that was ‘making good’ or starting from scratch, but going long with personal taste the client also had the liking for lime green!

Den had a website and business cards but he hadn’t really invested anytime in them, so they were not established (other than with my loyal customer base) so it wasn’t going to cause too much pain to change them, especially as he had allowed his domain name to lapse!

As part of the service we signed up a new domain (With a holding website and professional email account ie not hotmail or alike), Twitter account and aLinkedIn profile (if you are providing professional services or services to professionals a LinkedIn account is key and a great source of recommendations!). Sign up here for one:

The Solution

Now that’s all great branding but it isn’t actually marketing or seliing Dens business!

We needed to create something to promote the Solas Property. Without a huge budget available we needed to look at the resources available to him to keep the costs to a minimum.

  • Den had a local relationship and access to a local newsagent who had offered to send out flyers as part of the morning paper delivery. Understanding the clients ‘customer type’ our recommendation (no offense) was to ask the newsagent to be selective and only put the flyers in the broadsheets rather than the ‘rags’. Therefore hitting the clients target market whilst reducing cost. This will increase the effectiveness and response rate.
  • He also had access to people resources that were hungry to work. A consideration here was asking them to help with leaflet dropping in return for work that came directly off the back of the flyer. (Putting a reference code associated to the delivery can help easily with tracking and work allocation!). Giving them an incentive to spend an hour helping.
  • Significantly he also had access to a very loyal (and quite influential) customer base. Customer references make your service and delivery tangible to new prospective customers and gives them confidence in your ability. Never underestimate the power of the spoken/written word!

So pulling this intelligence together it was recommended that a leaflet be considered as the most cost effective route. The only hard costs involved were the design and the printing. If you want to learn how to design one yourself successfully then read our guide on ‘How to design a flyer that sells!’

The Result

With nearly 300 targeted leaflets delivered over a 2 week period Dens business achieved:-

  • 4 new customers (which paid for the marketing 5 times over)
  • 7 quotes still outstanding!

With a conversion rate of nearly 90% he is confident of this small but effective campaigns success and that’s not including any repeat or referral business!

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