How to design a flyer that sells!

Have you distributed your flyer and got little results?

Do you think that flyers are a waste of time or money?

If the answer to either of those questions was YES then think again!  A well targeted and impactful flyer will pay dividends in the long run and needn’t cost the earth!  Just avoid some of the simple mistakes people make and think about what you are trying to achieve.

The common mistake that many small business owners repeat time and time again is to effectively dump their whole service offering on a page, throw in some relevant images and ‘hey presto’ a marketing flyer.

Well it may be a marketing flyer but will it be a successful one?  Next time you decide to promote your business via a flyer then consider the following:-

The Wording

What do you offer?

Be concise and consider offering just a few key services so that you messaging is very targeted. If you want to promote all your services the messaging will get lost and the impact will reduce. If necessary, via a call to action, you can always point them at your website for the others or better still when they make the enquiry you can tell them what other services you offer.

Who is your ideal customer? For example: Is it affluent people with money to spare, is it ‘generally busy people’, I’m a roofer so is it people that ‘own a house that is more than 20 years old’?

Where are they located? For example: Not teaching people to suck eggs but targeting is crucial! If you are targeting affluent people, make sure your leaflets/flyers are being delivered in affluent areas (knowing your local market)! If it’s busy people what about distributing your flyers outside busy train stations in the Commuter belt?

Why would they buy from YOU? This isn’t just about ‘because I need a painter’ think about the actual problem your customer is encountering and how YOU will fix it.

For example: If you are a ‘Paint & Decorator’ people don’t buy YOUR services because YOU can paint. They will buy YOUR services because you resolve a problem for them. Whether that be ‘that they are too busy’ or that ‘they don’t have the experience to do a tricky job’. Asking a question engages the customer ie DIY SOS? Builder let you down? ‘Need a fixed price quote?’ The question should be focused around YOUR Unique Selling Point (USP).

A tip here is to ask one big question, see above, then ask 2 more questions where the answer will be yes! By saying Yes 3 times you are putting the potential customer into a buying frame of mind!

The Look & FeelSolace Property, New Business Flyer

Whether your doing it yourself in Word or you have instructed an agency take these 3 design tips to heart. Using them consistently will save you time in the long run and attract more customers.

Use digital photography and illustrations to grab attention and tell your story

Establish a visual focus of your flyer design with an attention-grabbing photo or illustration. Choose from stock photo libraries on the Internet or hire an illustrator to do a custom illustration. A few quick tips: 
Place your strongest image in the top half of the page where it will get the best visibility. 
Using one large picture makes a stronger impression than several smaller ones. 
Group several small pictures so they collectively form a single element. 
Try using a small picture with a larger one for contrast. Photos and illustrations help you add the “eye” appeal that translates into “buy” appeal.

“Hook” customers with persuasive writing and a “call to action”

Make a habit of doing these two things: Use persuasive words that “hook” their interest, and include a well-defined call to action in every flyer. What can you do to make your flyers more effective? Apply these basics:

Create a catchy or provocative headline. 
Know who you are writing for and keep their preferences in mind as you write each word. 
Put your message in terms of “you” rather than “I” or “we.” People don’t care about what “we” offer; they care about how your product or service can make their lives better.

Make it clear what your readers should do, think, or believe as a result of reading the information you present. 
State your intention as a “command” known as a “call to action.” It can be as simple as “Call Today” or “Order It Now.” 
 The whole point of designing your flyer is to encourage your prospects to take action!

Whether it’s to send an email or pick up the phone and call you, using precision word-smithing persuades your prospects to take action . . . NOW!

Limit yourself to 2 fonts with their families

To give your flyer a unified and professional look, I recommend that you limit the number of fonts you use. It is best to use one font (preferably a bold one) for your headlines and another font family for the body copy. (A family is all the related styles that come with the font, and usually include bold, italic, and bold italic.) You can use italics or bold variations within the family for pull quotes or call-outs, captions, and sidebars.

And finally…

Ask for input from your family, friends and customers invariably they are more than happy to ‘give an honest view’ – does it convey the message you want to send? Does it have all of the relevant contact information on it? Are you geered up for the response?

And remember….. a flyer has two sides to it! Consider what would happen if your flyer landed upside down on the doormat!

If your really stuck and need some help, we will review your flyer free of charge so give us a call we will be more than happy to assist.

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